Why Yes, I’m Still Catholic

Why Yes, I’m Still Catholic September 13, 2018

Some things that happened this summer:

(1) We discovered our bishops cannot be trusted with even the smallest things, like the health and moral formation of seminarians.

(2) My son went to France with the clear instruction that in exchange for my part in making his trip possible, he was to stop at Gibert Joseph and pick us up some good used books to share.  He brought me home Dans le Secret des Borgia.  All things old are new again.

(3) I got a job teaching about the Reformation.

#3 has never been easier.  If I ever lacked sympathy for Luther & Co., that’s over now.  I get it.  I completely get it.

But of course it wasn’t all church-splits back then, and it doesn’t need to be now.  There was a Catholic Reformation that happened as well.  That’s where I’ll be this go-round.  I encourage you to do likewise.

File:Gothic Chapel Peterhof tonemapped.jpg

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia, CC 3.0 https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Gothic_Chapel_Peterhof_tonemapped.jpg


PS: See the part about “teaching school” above.  That’s why I have dropped off on the blogging.  I’ll be back to it time-permitting, but my first priority is my students and their families.  Your prayers for a joyful, Christ-centered school year are most appreciated.




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