R.R. Reno Does the Right Thing

R.R. Reno Does the Right Thing May 19, 2020

Screenshot of RR Reno's apology

Quick update on my post from the other day: R.R. Reno issued a formal apology for his Twitter comments impugning the motives of mask-users:

I regret my foolish and ill-considered remarks about masks and mask wearing on Twitter on Tuesday, May 12. Masks are clearly indicated in many situations. I used over-heated rhetoric and false analogies. It was wrong for me to impugn the intentions and motives of others, for which I apologize.


While it would be easy to indulge in gratuitous conjecture on motivations or meanings, the plain fact is that he did what he ought.  He’s also deleted his Twitter account; given how much trouble it was causing him, there’s no sense assuming ill intent when the most obvious explanation is that, again, he did what he needed to do for the sake of everyone’s good.

I don’t know the man, I just read his magazine.  (Quite a few good articles in the current issue by the way — this one by Carl Trueman in particular.)  But here’s a life hack for you: No need to busy yourself with slander.  When someone does what they ought, it’s okay to note that they did what they ought.  Additional hot-taking not required.

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