Getting the Most Out of Your College Time & Money

Getting the Most Out of Your College Time & Money May 16, 2022

Text from the 20-year-old today, and I paraphrase with added subtext to assist the reader:

Mom, what if I minored in _________ subject, which is utterly unrelated to my professional goals, but it’s one I’ve had a lifelong interest in and talent for, and which is apparently a fairly strong program at my school?

Okay? How is that even a question?

I texted her back and told her to try a class and see what she thinks.  She doesn’t have to have a minor. She can take one course, five courses, complete the whole minor . . . it does not matter.  For goodness sakes kid you’re only doing college once, if you’re passionate about an area of personal interest, give it a shot.

Worst case scenario, you’ll try it, decide it’s not for you, and go do your electives in other subjects that are also worth your time.

Around this house we only have one rule for course selection: Don’t let the admin cajole you into filling their empty seat in a class that you don’t want to take and don’t need to take.

You’re paying for this. Every class you do take is another class you miss. Make sure you are getting the classes you need to complete your major and any pre-professional plans you have in mind, and beyond that? You drive this bus.  Admin doesn’t decide what your passion is.  You do.

Benson, Frank Weston - Sunlight: A slender woman in a long white dress looks out over the water.

Artwork: “Sunlight” by Frank Weston Benson, 1909 (public domain).


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