Jordanian Women Do Amazing Things

Jordanian Women Do Amazing Things October 18, 2016

There is one special woman I met who, it seems, has a heart that beats with a passion so loud I am surprised I can not hear it from the States. Understated at first, she is a no-nonsense, pull-no-punches kind of w2016-10-10 02.58.37oman. She runs the Middle East Council of Churches — and this is no small thing. Most importantly to me, she serves refugees.


I am going to dedicate an entire blog post later this week to Wasa Goussous and her work with the refugees, because it is important. The country of Jordan has practically doubled its population in the past five years as it has shown great hospitality to guests coming from both Iraq and Syria.


The crisis is crippling, and yet the Jordanian people are committed to showing hospitality to and protecting the dignity of the displaced people they call guests. For now, know this: Wasa is a woman who is doing amazing things — quietly, in the name of God, and with passion.


Stay tuned later in the week to hear more about what I learned from Ms. Goussous — she’s got some really important things to say.


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