Baby Seals on Pentecost Eve

Baby Seals on Pentecost Eve May 15, 2005

We were up in Oregon (practice saying “Or-ee-gun” and not “Or-ee-GON”), went to be with Trinity Covenant, which is an absolutely splendid church — and I can say that about a lot of churches, and also about this one. Lots of good things going on; thriving at so many levels. Chris Haydon asked the community to deck out in red to symbolize the flame of the Holy Spirit, and I confess I’ve never seen so much red in a church — the only thing redder is a Cardinal game (which also inflames, but not in a holy manner). He is a master liturgist and did a wonderful job leading the service. I could go on, but it was our last Jesus Creed weekend of the school year. The more I see churches the better the Church gets.

On Sat eve a couple took Kris and me to see the Oregon coast, which was a first for us. No sooner had we gotten to Lincoln City than we saw a crowd around some kind of commotion. Lo and behold! a baby seal had just been birthed on the shore, its mother was out in the Pacific eating or doing what new mothers do in the Pacific, and so we stood around a marveled at this new little creature rolling around getting itself used to the world and gearing up for a lifetime of making humans happy and swimming and eating. Pretty cool for us. We stayed the obligatory 50 yards back to protect the sanctity of the little feller.

Rugged coast.

If you get there, go south to Depoe City and have dinner at Tidal Raves. Great scenery and food.

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  • Anonymous

    Scot,I believe that the proper phoenitc spelling for the proper pronunciation of Oregon is ORYGUN!

  • As much as I get to travel and spend time with churches of varying stripes and colors, I have to say that the places I visit fall into one of two categories: really healthy and really dysfunctional. There are examples of places that are getting it, and they are wondrous to behold. Then there are places that are stuck in their stuckness, and I cannot think of a sadder thing than that.Glad to hear that your travels are going well. Do you have any of these Jesus Creed talks on tape/cd?