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Advent blogs October 26, 2005

I’ll be daily blogging (starting one week before Advent) about Advent to record some thoughts about Gospel texts and how they can be used to foster our readiness for Christmas. It would be fun to get some involved in this so we could all work on it together.

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  • An on-line, Emerg. Lectionary?!

  • Sounds interesting. If you’d like me to get involved email me.

  • Scot,
    I’ve been reflecting on your idea to do a Zechariah, Joseph, Mary, and Simeon-Anna Advent. I might take that route instead this year.
    Are you looking for people to post in your stead on certain days on their thoughts as they look at those characters?

  • I was thinking of posting daily and work through one character a week with everyone participating, responding, adding, supplementing — and helping each of us and others as they prepare for Christmas.
    I’d like all of your participation. Sounds like a go to me.

  • Subversive Influence » Advent I : The Waiting…

    […] I’m hoping to offer some Advent thoughts this year. I don’t plan on doing a daily Advent post, but I do want to hit at least one per week. I’m going to touch on the same characters as Scot McKnight is doing in his Advent series, along with whatever thoughts strike me as I consider each week. Not having a liturgical background, my own exploration of Advent has been a little different with the feeling I have some “catch-up” to do as I go along, but no matter. Back in my college days, I did keep Advent candles in my dorm room one year, and have in the past found great depth in the amount of advent observation I had done. But on with it. […]