New Hampshire

New Hampshire October 23, 2006

Kris’ sister’s name is Pat and she is married to Bob; their daughter’s name is Kari. And Kari is a senior at the University of New Hampshire and, when we visit her, we like to stay at Hickory Pond Inn. Those are the facts. Here’s the story:
Of the four years Kari has been at UNH, Kris and I have tried to go out (with Pat and Bob) to visit her and the area at Fall Break — we made it three times. On the first day of our visit this year, it rained, but we managed to visit a few places, including Salem, where we spied the statue to Hawthorne — and now I want to read The Scarlet Letter again:

Kari is now dating a young man named Jonathan Williams, who was a star football player last year at UNH and is now coaching at Hamilton College in New York.
This weekend his team played Colby College up in Maine, so we all drove up to Colby College to see the Hamilton team beat the Colby team 6-0. We met up with a friend from Freeport (IL) and her husband, Linda and George Roth. (They live at Orchard Beak, ME.) It was great to see them — and we had a wonderful dinner together at Yellowfin’s and then some homemade apple pie later at their home — during the Cards-Tigers game. Back to Colby’s football game with Hamilton. Here’s a picture from the game:
I must state that Colby’s central building, on the top of what is called Mayflower Hill, is the library. Check it out:
Something about the visit to Colby created in us a need to visit academic institutions while we were there. So, we visited Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine.
Then we just had to visit Phillips Exeter Academy down in Exeter, Mass — which was the setting for The Dead Poets Society. We walked around that campus — saw some pretty fancy frisbee tossing.
Bob, Kari, and Pat. Thanks Kari for all the fun!
PS: On the plane coming home we had some notables on the flight: Martin Marty (church historian; he debated Richard Dawkins in Cambden, Maine) and Rex Grossman (Bears QB).

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  • What a nice time, and what beautiful pictures. Here in Michigan, any day with the sun out like that this time of the year until around February, is considered a special, noteworthy day, indeed.

  • RJS

    This is a beautiful part of the country. I spent a week at conference at Colby last year. Did you see the anti-gravity stone?

  • RJS

    Oh – by the way the Scarlet Letter is a novel right?

  • RJS,
    No, we didn’t see the anti-gravity stone. And, yes, Scarlet Letter is a novel — but one might count it as theology.

  • RJS

    On a stone monument, in a grove of trees – not too far from the football field:
    “This monument has been erected by the Gravity Research Foundation, Roger W. Babson Founder. It is to remind students of the blessings forthcoming when a semi-insulator is discovered in order to harness gravity as a free power and reduce airplane accidents.”

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  • Puddleglum

    I’m interested in that Marty/Dawkins debate. Where was it held? Do you know if recordings are available?

  • Puddleglum,
    I wish I could come back with the characters in that story of Lewis’ but I don’t remember it much.
    Martin simply told me it was in Cambden, Maine; then they summoned us to line up for boarding. I can’t help.

  • Puddleglum,
    Here’s the link to the site:

  • Puddleglum

    Thank you, Scot

  • Ah, Scarlet Letter. Read it in high school. Gave it to my girls to read when they were in junior high. Think it makes for a good study in theology. Though I’m not sure how many of today’s audience could relate to the guilt associated with the big letter A. Trip looks fun, though. Too dry for much color in Oregon this year.

  • Tim Gombis

    Wow, Martin Marty and Rex Grossman on the same flight! Did you ask Rex why he wasn’t at the game last Monday night?

  • I have never been to this part of the country. Seeing your pictures and reading your descriptions makes me want to go! Thanks.

  • pat

    Scot..thanks for going to NH with us. Great pics! Great times.