Blog Prayer Blog Prayer January 30, 2008

From Bob Brague, posted last Saturday…
Father God (blessed, holy, and righteous be Your name), since You are everywhere and everywhen, and You know everything and there is nothing of which You are not aware, then You are also on this blog of Scot McKnight’s. I ask You, dear Father, if it be Your will, please help Scot not to do so much weekly meandering each week because I find myself spending more and more time on his site. Even Sean Hannity asks for only three hours a day from his listeners, and three hours is as nothing when I start trying to take in everything on the blog. So Lord, either greatly expand my mental capacities or let Scot ease off a little bit. Remind him that he doesn’t have to tell us every last thing that is going on in the world, even in the Christian world. Remind me by Your Holy Spirit that I really don’t have to read every last thing either. But it is so hard not to, Lord. You know my frame; You understand that we are dust. Help Scot understand this too. Lead me not into temptation and deliver me from evil, not that Scot’s site is evil. It’s a blessing. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

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