Weekly Meanderings

Weekly Meanderings November 29, 2008

Chicago’s Buckingham Fountain


Are you “happy”? Check out my essay in Books and Culture.

Happy.jpg Thankful.
Facing the other by Eugene Cho. JR reflects on ash tray missional work. Karen galavanting around with famous authors. Michael Spencer takes on Ed Young. Kingdom images. The 3:12:120. Ed and feeling uncomfortable at church, and also commenting on BJU’s apology for racism, where Ed shows grace. I wish we were there. Clever Bob. Tony Jones has a wonderful nostalgic reflection on Thanksgiving in Gaylord. Nostalgia grows out of a family’s development of deep traditions. Tony’s post made me utter some prayers for those without families, for those whose family traditions have been torn apart, and for those who are facing tragedies, death, and unemployment.

Read this to see Dan Kimball’s heart. Speaking of Dan, check this out for information about our new network.

We posted about youth ministry this week and now I see this: good words from Marko.

SlowBlogging … which blogs do you see as SlowBlogs? Are you Video Calling?

Are you seeing hand gels around? I’m not.

We need a break for “Aicha Aicha” … my oh my.

Back to our regularly scheduled links…

1. Dark Matters.
2. ADHD study.
3. Obama’s appeal to the faithful and the faithless.
4. Do Christians and Muslims worship the same God?
5. So you want to be a professor? As always, John Stackhouse has some wisdom.

Midwest Winter … here it comes!


6. A night with the homeless.
7. The Cubs: this is why we cheer for the Cubs.
8. Artists as entrepeneurs.
9. Digital sales are now becoming the lion’s share.
10. Good story about Condoleeza Rice, a woman of uncommon dignity.
11. Endowments at universities … how to manage them?


Well … even we Bears fans were surprised the Bears won again. What’s embarrassing is that we are in first place — until tomorrow.


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  • RJS

    No bet on tomorrows game? Even the Chicago Tribune was picking the Vikes – which worries me.
    On another topic – Stackhouse has, and has had in the past, some good advice about graduate degrees and preparation for an academic job. But his advice is really aimed only (or primarily) at BTS type fields.
    My perspective on the issues involved in aiming for an academic career are a bit different. Interesting stuff.

  • RJS

    By the way – nice improvements by Beliefnet to the commenting system.
    The system now retains the comment if I mistype the Captcha text.
    The system warns if the text has expired and doesn’t allow a post until the text is refreshed.
    The system retains my name in all browsers I try except IE7.
    Frustration level has dropped significantly – for me anyway.

  • sheryl

    Lots of good stuff, as always. But no links to the tragic Mumbai massacre? I’m surprised there isn’t a link to the SSM conversation between Tony Jones and Rob Dreher. Maybe you covered it last week and I missed it.
    What a beautiful picture of the Buckingham Fountain. Is that yours? Is the fountain operating now? Wasn’t it under construction during the summer?
    Interesting article on Condi Rice. I have always admired her.
    I am big on hand gels–especially with kids, a baby, and a dog. I have a few around the house and one in each car. I saw a bunch at the animal shelter we visited last week and always see them around hospitals.

  • Daryl

    Video calling is wonderful; it works very well in the U.S., and pretty well even overseas. We use Skype for a video call at least weekly, and will use it even more once we have moved out of the U.S.
    And it seems odd that you haven’t seen hand gels around; I see them all the time, though I only use them when going in and out of the hospital.