Pastor’s Bookshelf: Romans

Pastor’s Bookshelf: Romans May 6, 2009



In college a professor of mine told me he realized he had 40+ commentaries on Romans and that he decided that 10 was enough — so he unloaded 30. It is not hard to accumulate commentaries on Romans, but each of us has to determine how many we can really use. Romans is special, so I don’t mind having extra commentaries on Romans, but I’ve decided that for every new one I buy, I get rid of one — it cuts down my purchases because I have to think of getting rid of one. But here are my top commentaries on Romans, and I’m open to suggestions of others:

I begin, out of habit, with CEB Cranfield’s 2 volumes in the ICC series:The Epistle to the Romans

Then I stay in Durham and go to Jimmy Dunn’s 2 volumes in the Word series:Romans

Then I shift to my former colleague Doug Moo: The Epistle to the Romans

Every session with Romans raises new issues, and at this point I consult these three:

Robert Jewett’s magnum opus: Romans
JA Fitzmyer’s Anchor Bible commentary: Romans

And NT Wright’s “Romans” in the New Interpreter’s Bible: The New Interpreter’s Bible : Romans

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