Fantasy Football

Fantasy Football September 2, 2009

FF.jpgIs Fantasy Football the root of all evil?
Do you play? Why?

I don’t get why folks do this, I have to admit. I believe in watching real football, like the Bears themselves, and rooting for that team. I will admit that FF is one step above the American League, but I’m not sure that is good news.

See Randy Youngman’s article in The Orange County Register (HT: OY):

I hate fantasy football.

Fantasy football is out of control.

Fantasy football is the root of all evil.

When your fantasy team becomes more important than your favorite
real team, you often find yourself watching as many games as you can,
sometimes simultaneously — or going to Internet sites — to track your
players’ stats instead of, say, watching the Chargers game from start
to finish. Several of my friends who are in FF leagues admit this.

once went to a buddy’s house to watch a Bears game, and all he did was
change DirecTV channels every minute or two to check up on players on
his fantasy team. It was infuriating. Last time I watched a game with
him, too.

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