Where did you get your nickname?

Where did you get your nickname? October 22, 2009

This little guy got his name, well, … you read it, but we’d like to hear where you got your nickname…

WLS-Ch. 7 morning news anchor Judy Hsu gave birth this morning to a baby boy as she and her husband rushed to the hospital on the inbound Eisenhower Expressway, the station reported.

“We were heading down the Eisenhower,” Hsu said during the station’s 11 a.m. news broadcast. “At a pretty fast speed.”

“I said, ‘Do you need to pull over?’ Judy said, ‘I don’t know!’ ” Tracy, her husband, said.

“I didn’t know. I think I was in denial the whole time. I did not want to pull over on the side of the expressway. But the time came, and I knew the baby couldn’t wait. I said, ‘OK, I think we better pull over and call 911,’ ” Hsu said.

The couple’s baby came into the world at about 3 a.m. near the Cicero Avenue exit. They named him Alexander James but — fittingly — his nickname will be “Ike.”

From WGN News.

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  • I don’t know which one of my parents gave me my name but I’ve threatened to disown them if they ever do anything that stupid again. (They’re both 90 now so I think they’re safe) I’ll not print it here. I’ve endured razzing my whole life.

  • One of my best friends in college always stood next to me in congregational worship. I would sing harmonic lines that weren’t being sung (played, or not). He became quite used to this, so that when I was not in worship once, he said he could hear my harmonies. Since my last name is “Harmon,” this merged quite nicely into “Harmony”. The best part is that it became indicative of my ability to want unity in the church, and counterbalance of fellow believers, as well. 🙂

  • Scott

    My nickname in High school was “bones” which I got to hear while I was walking across the stage to get my diploma. The reason I had that nickname was just like the name says.. I was really skinny in high school

  • Terry

    The story goes that I was named after a dog and two cities. I was born in Torrance, California. So my parents, thinking themselves quite clever, decided that the Biblical sound to Terrance of Torrance was worth some attention. They even matched the spelling. Even so, they always had this dream of returning to Oregon. Thus, in choosing a middle name an Oregon map was opened and the sovereign finger of God landed on Eugene. (I am certain this was God being that Boring, Drain and Rhododendron are other Oregon alternatives.)
    But the nickname speaks most to the great affection my folks had for their firstborn: My dad had a small dog as a child which was run over by a combine and killed. He never quite got over the death of his little Terrier. Named, of course, Terry.
    I have noted, and am thankful, that the inquiry was not about names spelled backwards for my story would have been much longer.

  • I was supposed to be Jennifer or Christina, but those did not work out. I went three days without a name while my parents thought things over. They ended up with Charles, but since I have a cousin and a grandfather with that name, they nicknamed me “Chip.” This was maybe better than my father’s suggestion of “Angus Thor.”

  • With the last name of Holmes… well, lets just say you don’t need to be a sleuth to figure mine out.

  • Dana Ames

    I have a friend whose father was a nuclear engineer. My friend’s family name was Atom Bomb (bears no resemblance to his given name). He said in the ’50s “the atom bomb” had a sort of “romantic” sensibility about it. My friend is extremely intelligent- and sometimes has a slightly warped sense of humor…
    As for me, it’s a little bittersweet. This is the time of year when I’m in between the anniversaries of my father’s death in October and my mother’s in November. My parents are the only ones who ever called me by a nickname, and they’re the only ones I ever allowed to do so, so you’ll pardon me if I don’t put it up here… The only terms of endearment my husband and I use with one another are “old darling” or “she who must be obeyed” (Rumpole fans know…)

  • kevin Chez

    With a last name like “Cieslukowski” a nickname is a must. Pronounced “chez”, that’s pretty much how me and my sibling’s are known. I did pick up the name “Zeke” in seventh grade when my basketball coach asked me my name. When I told him Kevin “Chez-lu-kow-ski, he said we’ll just call you Zeke. That then get’s shortened to Z.
    Moving away from friends to a new place where no one knows these names has been difficult. I don’t really feel comfortable telling someone to call me by a nickname. I think it is something that needs to be discovered (however, a subtle hint in an email address is acceptable :).
    Ultimately I want to settle in a place where people know me as “Chez.” That will be home.

  • T

    Well, it’s not very exciting, but my great-grandfather was known as “Pop T” (and his wife was “Mom T”). I’m not sure where that came from. My dad and I have the same name, Terrence. He’s been called “Terry” his whole life and they’ve always called me “T”. To this day I still introduce myself as “T” except to judges, other professionals or clients until they get to know me.

  • Clint Parsons

    ‘Charlie’ is what my papaw called me. It was his dad’s name and my name-sake. No one else called me that; some unspoken rule I suppose… I miss him.

  • Barb

    my middle name is “Scott”–yes really. my workmates called me by my first and second initials. Now that I’m retired from that job I actually miss the nickname.

  • beckyr

    In 1999 I lost 40% of my lungs to a blood clot. That means I have 60% of my lungs. My husband calls me “60.” It is meant in humor.