Blogging at Patheos

Blogging at Patheos August 24, 2010

I’ve been blogging here at Jesus Creed for, I think, five and a half years. It began one day when an editor friend, Bob Smietana, over coffee suggested that I blog and I asked, “What’s a blog.” He told me, I marched over to my office after coffee, set up shop at Blogger and it took off … rather quicker than anything I expected.

I found blogging to be natural because, as I’ve said before, I have scribbler’s itch. I learned lessons from folks like Steve McCoy and John Raymond, and then we set up our own shop with Dave Anderson building the blog — and I’m so thrilled to have Dave’s design back here at Patheos.

Patton Dodd at Beliefnet pitched their site as a better site for the blog and after some arm-twisting and some compromises on their part, we moved there and have been there for two years. Yes, I heard your complaints and truth be told agreed with nearly all of it, but our intent was to expand the influence of the blog and the blog doubled in page views in two years at Beliefnet.

But Tim Dalrymple at Patheos contacted me when Patheos was just a start-up and I really liked what he was doing. It didn’t even cross my mind that someday we’d move to his site. So let me say this: in spite of some of the hassles at Beliefnet’s humungous site, I appreciate Beliefnet. Ansley Roan was my contact person there and she was amazingly helpful and prompt, and I can be demanding at times with what I think the blog readers want for Jesus Creed. My reasons for leaving had little to nothing to do with Beliefnet and everything to do with Patheos.

Ju-Don Roberts at Beliefnet was as kind and helpful as anyone moving could ever ask. I wish Beliefnet every blessing and I hope their site and blogs flourish.

In short, it’s a better site for me. (Besides having WordPress, which permits us to go back to our old design.) It’s shaped for conversation about religious and theological topics, and it isn’t concerned as much with all the other stuff.

The Jesus Creed blog will not change. I’ll be doing my regular stuff — books and theology and travels and some of my middle-of-the-road and don’t-try-to-figure-me-out politics thrown in. Saturday will have Weekly Meanderings.  RJS will continue to be a major contributor, and others will continue to write posts at Jesus Creed as they have been doing at Beliefnet.

Here’s what will change for you: better design and immediate appearance of your comments. I’m not sure how it will work the first week, when we may have to clear names and get possible kinks worked out, but once we get settled, you comment and the comment appears … that creates fast and easy communication and conversation.

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  • Love it! Feels like home : )

  • I look forward to the change of venue.

  • Pat

    Thanks Scot for making the switch. I’ve been a “follower” of yours, so to speak, since reading Jesus Creed 2 years ago. I appreciate you so much and what you do. You have been a blessing and encouragement in my life. Keep doing what you do for Christ.

  • I have enjoyed reading you. I’m thankful for beliefnet because it first introduced me to your work. I look forward to reading you here. Really prefer this theme. Also glad to hear that your substance is not changing.

  • Pete Enns

    Glad to see the move, Scot.

  • Kenny Johnson

    Woohoo! No longer need to try to figure what the heck the captcha says.

  • rjs

    Nice look …

  • scotmcknight

    Kris and I are sitting here smiling at each other and the old template. So glad to see these comforting colors again.

  • kennyjohnson

    Testing my new login.

  • Hey Scot,
    This is so much better… it makes my soul feel at ease. I hated the belifnet one… it was to busy… filled with Pop-ups and it gave me a headache!

  • rjs

    Best part is the RSS comment feed. This will really help with conversation. (Ok – best part is the color scheme, but RSS is a close second.)

  • scotmcknight

    OK, folks, let’s not give BNet a hard time. They’ve been good to me. Yes, some groans but they have a business to run.

  • Clay Knick

    Love the new old look. Feels like home.

  • Scot, will the rich resource of your archives come along with you, here? (I hope!) How about our bookmarked pages — will BeliefNet redirect, or do we need to refind them again?

  • By the way, I think the time zone is set for Greenland, Iceland, or somewhere in the middle Atlantic. LOL!

  • scotmcknight

    Ann, yes, the archives are coming and I think that will happen some time this week but maybe not until next week.

    And thanks for the time zone note: I think that’s fixed now.

  • scotmcknight

    How’s that? I’ve responded five hours prior to the comments!

  • What a great move! Looking forward to it!


  • Daryl

    Glad to be back to the old design; the ads on the right are a little large, but that’s not a big deal.

  • Welcome back, Scot! The new look is the old look – and no ads to skip.

  • Dana Ames

    Nice, Scot.

    I think I found you about two weeks after you started the first blog on Blogger. I’m still hanging around 🙂

    Much love to you & Kris.


  • Yeah! Glad you’re “back!”

  • Scott M. Collins

    Very cool! I’ve been reading since the very beginning! Thanks, Scot, for shaping and forming my spiritual life without ever knowing it!

  • Andie Piehl

    Hi there, Scot! Just wanted to drop in and let you know your blog rocks wherever you put it! Look forward to continuing to drop in as I can!

  • rjs

    By the way – great picture to start it out…contemplative pose, thinking about what to write no doubt. (and 8) )

  • Scot: So glad to see you here and love feeling like I’m back in your study with you.

  • Aaaaahhhhhhh. Home. 🙂

  • scotmcknight

    I could say thanks to each of you but that would look tacky … but I do want to say a big thanks and soooo glad you folks like the template and the old site. One of the hardest parts of leaving for BNet was not having the wonderful template Dave Anderson designed and to think we can get it back at Patheos is awesome.

  • John Raymond

    This will be a nice change. BTW, those don’t look like adidas in the picture.

  • scotmcknight

    John, I thnk they were Tiger. North coast of Northern Ireland.

  • youngowen

    Seems like a good outcome. Cheerfully, Owen

  • Carol McLaughlin

    This “feels” refreshing…

  • Scot, your time changes are exemplary of your ancient-future focus. 😀 Excellent! I like the page feel/look better, too.

  • Yep – feels old school! nice.

  • ps – gotta get that top/banner/home link working again so it defaults to home.

  • Scot, really like this look! This page really has a great feel as well. Glad you made the move.

  • Matt Edwards

    Yeah! The old look is back. And no pop-ups?!

  • Scot,

    Looks like a great move. I appreciate how you enrich the blogosphere. Peace.

  • Ted Johnson

    Great new site! Looking forward to continuing the journey with you here at Patheos.

  • Rick

    Cannot help but smile when seeing the return to this design. Great move.

  • eric

    “the medium is the message” even works in a blog community. It just feels better here with the old theme back.

  • As we would say in South Africa, “Lekker!”

  • Terry

    Somehow I feel like I just went to a family reunion. It’s great to be gathered under this banner once again; I’m quite thankful for the moving archives too. Scot, are you going to be allowed to point from

  • Good switch, I’ve been enjoying you since Facing the Tsunami years ago. How many North Park students are arriving with iPads this year?

  • Can I just say how thrilled we are that Scot is joining us? Scot has been a good friend from the start, often linking to our articles, offering advice to me, and contributing to our recent series on the Future of Evangelicalism. I have tremendous respect for Scot and for the community that reads and comments on his posts. So we are beyond thrilled to have Scot on the site, we’re grateful to Beliefnet for their amazing level of cooperation, and we’re eager to do everything we can to make Scot and the Jesus Creed community comfortable here.

    Please note that we are still making adjustments, working on bringing over the archive, etc. The goal is to have everything more or less settled by September 1 — but I’m glad the feedback so far, regarding the look and feel, is positive.

  • Scott Eaton

    Very excited! It feels like coming back home!

  • Terry Tiessen

    I’m very pleased about this. My major frustration with Beliefnet was that I could not subcribe to comments on a post. I had to bookmark the blog address and keep checking back if I wanted to follow comments.

    It is nice to have comment subscription back again!

  • Christine

    Yeah. Yeah. Can I just say, YEAH???!!! 🙂

  • Christine

    The google ads on the right and the oil change ads at the bottom. . . they’re not staying, are they? Maybe I’m naive in hoping for commercial free? Yeah, probably!

  • Glad to see it!

  • Looking forward to this, Scot … now I’m wondering whether the feel of community at the old “One T Saloon” will return, as well. Time will tell, eh?

  • Dianne P

    !Gracias a Dios!

    Home sweet home.

    And about that time zone glitch, does anyone remember the SNL skit on Fed Ex –
    “When it absolutely positively had to be there – yesterday!”
    Talk about ancient -future. Wow-zie.

    Yo – Peggy! Now I am feeling old school. Warm and fuzzy all over.

  • Deb and I were just smiling, too. This is wonderful! It feels like a welcome home for you, and for all of us.

  • Riley Allen

    Looks good over here.

  • Great move. Nice surroundings.

  • Clay Knick

    BTW, Love the hat. I wear them a lot!

  • Luke

    Much, much better. Please don’t ever look back 😉

  • I’m so glad you are back to your old WP format. One thing I might suggest would be a “subscribe to comments by email” plugin. It’s very handy. 🙂

  • As others have said, feels like coming home.

  • Aaron

    Keep it going scot – You are always a breath of fresh air in the blogosphere!

  • Looking forward to continuing to read and comment on your posts. Have a blessed day. From Oz..

  • Dianne

    This is good news!

  • Welcome to Patheos

  • Dn4sty

    Comment to clear my name. Not sure of the all the new features, but will still definitely follow the blog.

  • Rob

    Awesome, can’t wait!

  • Johnny Melton

    Looking forward to following Jesus Creed at the new site.

  • Looking forward to this next phase in the Jesus Creed blog!

  • “Got it” is apparently too short a comment for Patheos to accept–let’s try this one.

  • Annabel Robinson

    Love your blog!

  • T

    Ahhh . . . it takes me back.

  • MatthewS

    You can’t cross the same river twice but I do prefer this, the erstwhile and now again the present layout. Back to the future!

  • pdr

    Will read everyday, as I have for most of the last five years, with much gratitude…

  • NancyS

    Wonderful… happy to see this format.

  • Clean[er]!
    Viva WordPress!!

  • J-Marie

    I agree with Peggy! Was going to mention the ol’ saloon feel myself!

  • Deja vu. Something looks familiar here, no?

  • wow! looks (and feels) like the JCreed of old! excellent.

  • Nick

    I love the photo scott…looks like Ireland. I hope that you enjoyed your stay.

  • nitika

    looking forward to it

  • gingoro

    No mystery words to enter to comment, GREAT! I usually use Thunderbird but sometimes I had to switch to IE to get the captcha to pass.

  • Welcome home……

  • I do remember this template. I was only a reader then, and I’ve never been more than an occasional commenter. But I like this new old style and I like the things patheos are doing too!

    May God use the new site to advance His Kingdom!


  • Phillip

    The new site looks good. I look forward to the end of pop-up ads!

  • rising4air

    Nice graphics redux, and a great word on your departure from Beliefnet.

  • Bob Smallman

    Looks great, once again. Hope the transition goes smoothly so we don’t lose anybody.

  • AHH

    Not sure what “clearing my name” implies, but here I am and looking forward to the new location and continued stimulating posts and discussions.

  • Blog on! My comment was a bit too short, the WordPress software said, so I’m adding more…

  • Craig Beard

    Good to have the old look back.

  • scotmcknight


    In order to comment and have the comment appear at this site, a person must be “cleared” or have one comment approved. This evidently “sets” a name as safe and never has to be done again. We did this, I think, before we went to Beliefnet but many may not remember it.

  • Brian

    Love the old look…this looks great!

  • Cole Cochran

    Since I was a big fan of your original site, I’m really looking forward to this move. Hope the new digs at Patheos are everything you hope for.

  • megan

    Definitely missed having the personality of this look. Should be fun…

  • bill crawford

    Good move – what kind of house-warming present would you like?

  • AJ

    Looks great, Scot!

  • So glad to have the old look back. Less clutter as well. I may not add this to my rss so I can see it how she’s meant to be.

  • Chuck Wilson

    I look forward to getting Jesus Creed from Patheos.

  • Marc

    This blog looks good. I hope to see more.

  • Dottie Schulz

    keep me on you list…thanks

  • Onward and upward!

  • The Jesus Creed has been a nomadic community. Is this the Promised Land? At least for now!

  • God bless you in the new location!

  • Aaron

    So glad to be on a new site! No more annoying pop up adds from belief net! YaY

  • Jonathanblake

    Ditto on Mark Farmer’s (103) comment. Have we made it to the land of milk and honey yet?

  • Looking forward to visiting with the Jesus Creed community in your new home…

  • Bob Smallman

    I assume you’ll be updating the note and the transfer at at the appropriate time?

  • Greg Drummond

    Great to see the old style of JesusCreed back again, Scot! Hopefully easier to navigate than beliefnet.

  • Glad to see the original format again. It does feel like home.

  • Don

    I love it…no more pop-ups!!

  • krister

    Great! Like this design and did not like the pop ups on the other one 🙂

  • Tim Franklin

    I’ve been reading for a long time. This seems so familiar. I like it a lot!

  • Welcome home, Scot! Glad you’re back.

  • Jon

    Glad to have the look and feel of what Jesus Creed was back then. This feels more like home. Always loved this look and feel to the blog!

  • Jen Boes

    Glad the dialogue continues! Being a visual person who loves gardening and fiber art, I really resonate with the warm colors and tactile feel.

  • Rick

    glad to continue the discussion…

  • Brandon K.

    Looking forward to enjoying the blog at its new home; also looking forward to exploring the rest of the Patheos site.

  • It’s great to see the old/new design. Looking forward to what’s next at your new “home.”

  • Not having to deal with the “nag” screens when I come to your blog now will be a benefit.

  • EricG

    Is it possible we’ll actually miss the odd captcha phrases?

  • E.G.

    Glad, as always to be following your excellent blog… wherever it may call home.

  • Napman

    An old look at a new site! Congratulations!

  • Looking forward to more good conversations.

  • Rick B

    look forward to the new site.

  • looking forward to the new/old look with the usual great content

  • Jerry

    Looking forward to continuing the conversation!

  • Peter

    Very appreciative of all your hard work.

  • Deborah

    thank you for all that you do Scot – Jesus Creed is a daily read!

  • Nick

    the site looks great!

  • Diane

    I like the return of the “classic” look.


  • RD

    Just wanted to drop a comment to get my name in the approval “hat”. Looking forward to the move!

  • I’ll be watching…

  • paul

    looking forward to the change

  • BPRjam

    Looking forward to the change, though format doesn’t really matter that much to me. Content is king!

  • angusj

    Site looks great.
    Just wish the text area was a little wider.

  • God-fearing Gentile

    I’ve appreciated the civility of the discourse in this blog community, though mostly as an observer. I remember the “classic” look and welcome the return to it. Thanks for the invitation to comment.

  • RichardS

    Looking forward to the new format. Already shows up a lot better for readability. I thought I’d add an initial to my first name to help distinguish from the other “Richards” popping up.

    Will we have a chance to dialogue about the non-political religious rally this past Saturday?

  • Am I logged in yet?
    I just LOVE seeing this blog set up like this again. Reminds me of the old days – I remember talking to you on the phone, walking you through some of those early technical difficulties as you were trying to figure out this whole blogging thing!

  • scotmcknight

    Yes, brother Bob, you are in and approved … blessed if I may so! I remember your help too, Bob, and sorry I forgot to mention you … you were the first former student to call me about blogging when I first began.

    If a comment appears under your name, you’re in.

    We’re working out kinks with ads right now.

  • thanks for the time you spend blogging Scot – have found it very helpful over the years, but a bit expensive at times when I keep buying the books you recommend. Keep up the good work and I’ll try to keep passing on the good things to others. (Looking forward to ‘James’ coming out!)

  • Loving the new/old digs!

  • I look forward to taking part in the new and improved Jesus Creed at Patheos!

  • I’m wondering which bit of the west coast of Ireland the photo was taken.
    Nice to see the original look back again and blessings with the move. Blog on!

  • scotmcknight

    Patrick, I think it was where that bridge is. Sorry, Patrick, I mean the rope bridge up in Northern Ireland.

  • Patrick Mitchel

    Ah, Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge on the North Coast

  • Dave D

    I love the absence of popups and how all the comments appear on one page for seamless reading. Great move.