What is the Christian life …

What is the Christian life … October 6, 2010

… according to Jesus? This question is one of the most important questions we can ask. It stands next to other questions, like “How do we understand the Christian life? Is it spiritual disciplines? Is it church attendance? Is it social justice?”

I ask what the Christian life would look like if we let Jesus set the vision and the categories in my next book One.Life: Jesus Calls, We Follow. It is a discipleship book — Jesus calls and it is ours to follow. He calls to the OneLife. We have one life, he wants it.

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"That's the same definition my Patristics prof likes to use, and I tend to agree."

Heresy Clarified Simply

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  • Just placed it in the Amazon cart!

    (Great cover!)

  • Pat

    Good question–what would the Christian life look like if we REALLY let Jesus set the agenda? Undoubtedly, it would look a lot different than it does today. I was in a meeting last night where someone talked about the things that God does that look so strange to us and she’s right. We worry and fret and wring our hands over not having more people in our churches getting saved and in prayer meeting, but there Jesus started with a mere 12. And he didn’t start with them all at once–he gathered them one or two or three at a time. Yeah, if Jesus set the agenda and we FOLLOWED it, no doubt, we’d be surprised that it would probably involve some things that we’ve rejected in the past.

  • forbes

    Guess it looks like the Simple Way and enemy love and care for the poor and living as kingdom people in the power of the spirit. Guess it looks a lot like the Sermon on the Mount come to life in community. The embodied love of God and neighbor (friend and enemy).

  • If we let Jesus set the vision for the christian life, I think it would look a lot like Christ own life. It would involve times in the wilderness alone with our father, gatherings in living rooms and on hillsides where we teach, learn,and fellowship. We would sit in the temple at the feet of master teachers who would equip us for works of service. These teachers would send us into the world to usher in God’s kingdom here on earth and teach us to walk in solidarity with the poor, oppressed and forgotten. I am sure your book will help formulate a much fuller vision but this is the vision that came to me from your question. Can’t wait to read the book.

  • Just placed my pre-order on Amazon. In order to qualify for free-shipping, I “had” to order two other books. I purchased Ellul’s book on the Kingdom, as well as Tolstoy’s. I’ll bet yours will be more readable and more immediately applicable. 🙂

  • Paul

    How does this book different from your Jesus Creed book?

  • Derek DeVries

    Read “Precious Vessels of the Holy Spirit.”

    Some of those followers of Christ performed even more miracles than those recorded in the Gospels, bringing thousands to the healing mercies of God.

  • Very exciting title, Scot. Your books have been foundational for me. This one looks right up the alley of the “Yeshua in Context” books and web resources I am working on. No doubt this one will appear in quite a number of footnotes in my third book in the series.

  • As basic as it might seem, the Christian life is one that looks like Jesus, talks like Jesus, acts like Jesus and, ultimately, loves like Jesus

    Paul reiterated a similar point in Eph5, “imitate God, therefore, as dearly loved children, and live a life of love, just as Christ loved us and gave himself for us.”

    It would seem that we are all called to reflect the God we see fully revealed in Jesus, with the help of the Spirit, instruction from Scripture, and the community of faith (locally and globally).