Study Guide for One.Life

Study Guide for One.Life December 16, 2010

In the last three or four days a half dozen or more folks have written me to ask if there is a Study Guide for One.Life: Jesus Calls, We Follow. Yes, there is.

But it’s already in the book, but it’s organic to the book and not an add-on. In fact, it’s a “new kind of study guide.”

Instead of the normal Study Guide that either comes at the end of the book or that comes as a separate booklet, we decided to write into the fabric of the book what I call an “Interlude.”

These interludes do two things but don’t do something else:

First, they don’t do the perfunctory thing that seems to show up in all Study Guides: they don’t ask the content questions like “What did McKnight say about the Kingdom in this chp?” I assume someone in a group can ask that sort of question.

Second, these interludes do two other things: they extend the previous chapter by telling another story or making an additional point that didn’t work in the chp. And they ask a probing question or two.

The interludes then do more than a Study Guide because they are almost a very, very brief chapter-let. But they extend the idea of the chp more organically than does a normal Study Guide. The best compliments I’m having on the interludes is that folks are asking if there is a Study Guide! That’s how organic they are to the book …

"Hasn’t Jaroslav Pelikan sort of written that book?"

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  • I just got yesterday. It is great. Thanks Scott for pointing me to the interludes they will work great in small group. (although we will miss the music from the Jesus Creed video series) peace john

  • Jean

    There is a Jesus Creed video series?

  • smcknight

    Jean, yes, a 6 part video on Jesus Creed.

  • Jean

    That’s great! I ordered the DVD’s and OneLife at the same time. Thanks.

  • …ordered mine yeterday — it will be here on Saturday. I am looking forward to reading it with my 15 year old son … as we look at what it means to follow Jesus.

    And while I was at it, I ordered your book on grace and atonement … to round out my McKnight section in my library.

    Blessings, Scot! ;^)

  • DAWN

    Thank you for following ‘the thing’ you were called to do…

  • Scott

    Hey Scot, I love your book. I would like to make this my theme for our youth group small groups this year. I will develop a small group curriculum for each chapter. Do you mind me using the “One.Life” title as my theme? I plan on getting a banner and t-shirts with that theme on it. Would that be okay? I thought it would be wise to ask the author before I move forward with this. Let me know. Thanks again for all you do. I read One. Life and the Jesus Creed this past month and really want to use both books to guide the next years small groups. This would be for Junior High and Senior High students. Let me know. Scott Russ Epiphany UMC, Loveland, OH.