Christian History Magazine Resurrected?

Christian History Magazine Resurrected? January 16, 2011

I sure hope this happens. What a splendid magazine it was! Please retweet this post and spread the news about Christian History magazine to everyone you think needs to hear it. Thanks so much.

From Chris Armstrong’s blog:

Ken Curtis, founder of Christian History magazine back in 1982,passed away on Jan 2. His wonderful memorial service was held yesterday at a church inSouderton, PA, where the Curtises attended.

During the last 6 months of his life, Ken dedicated much of his energy and enthusiasm to re-birthing Christian History. As a result, Issue #100, the first print issue of the magazine to appear since Christianity TodayInternational completed its publication run a couple of years ago with #99, is in layout right now for a projected release in late February or March.

Issue #100 explores the creation and influence of the King James Version of the Bible (honoring 2011 as the quatercentennial of the KJV’s first printing). Ken’s son Bill plans to send this issue free to many folks who were subscribers when the magazine ceased publication. Within the magazine will be a response mechanism so people can say whether they would like to continue receiving the magazine.

I believe with all my heart that CH needs to live again. But I am afraid a simple response mechanism in a single issue may not draw enough response to support the magazine’s continued publication (you might say: “O ye of little faith!” A valid criticism :) ).

SO, just thinking: How would one go about starting an internet campaign to let folks know about this issue and to keep CH alive? I am open to any and all suggestions. The more detailed, the better.

By the way–Bill Curtis and I will be meeting about the magazine’s future tomorrow, Monday, Jan 17. I would love to be able to take some suggestions to him along this line.

Background: I was managing editor of the magazine 2002 – 2004 when it was with CTI. I am also acting as managing editor of this “resurrection issue,” along with a small, hardworking team of copy editors, designers, image researchers, and writers–all of whom love the magazine and want to see it live again.

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  • Clay Knick

    I loved CH. Would love to subscribe again.

  • I would love to see on online free magazine, perhaps making PDF versions available. In a age of computer networking, I would like to see us take advantage of sharing information electronically. That way we can all learn about the topic, and not have to purchase stuff or have stuff shipped. I have been collecting files recently more seriously hoping for a day when some old farts like me may form online clubs where we trade files like I used to trade football cards when I was a kid.

    If you want help doing a completely online journal, I am a retired analyst/programmer, that have given such a process much thought, and would be willing to do it for a group that was dedicated to starting a online Christan history journal where articles are submitted electronically, reviewed by a group, and then made available to the public. It’s all relatively easy, and I would be happy to help any such group that wants to do it. Why? well… it would put me in touch with more folks that enjoy the topic to talk to.

    Cheers! RichGriese.NET

  • CH was a great magazine. I just finished a 100 page paper and quoted two different issues and three different articles.

    Why not call all your readers to send a postcard for starters.

    Could CH be picked up and published directly to Logos Bible Software?

  • BR

    There is a CD that has the PDFs of all the articles available as well as Logos has them available in their software.

    CD with pdf’s

    This is the link for Logos:

  • @BR,

    [[quote]]There is a CD that has the PDFs of all the articles available as well as Logos has them available in their software.[[/quote]]

    I guess to me it seems with the age of networks that it is really stupid to physically deliver a CD from one place to another, when the data can move over the internet. There is additional cost to things like UPS etc… and I get a web page instantly, whereas a CD will take at least a day or two to deliver.

    The world is still set up and thinks within the old infrastructure. That will have to change.

    Cheers! http://RichGriese.NET

  • It would be outstanding to see CH back in print once again.

  • Paul D

    Great news! I was a charter subscriber to CH and have the complete collection. Looking forward to adding to it. History never grows old.

  • Rick

    Just happened to have been rereading one of the issues over the weekend (John and Charles Wesley).

    Great stuff. I would be good to bring it back, especially in light of the growing awareness (ie. Robert Webber), within Evangelicalism, of the need to understand our roots/history.

  • Chip Watts

    I loved CH magazine. I’m re-reading the full set of 99 now (I’m probably missing a couple). I’m trying to read chronologically through the history of the church. I would love to see the magazine have a second coming. Please keep me updated.

  • Nalda Bendowsky

    I only recently found the old copies of the Magazine on Christain Book Distributors website. I purchased a few copies for our adult sons and another couple as well as for us as well as 3 of the CD The Entire Collection. I would subscribed in some format if it were published again. WE ALL were impressed by the qualtiy of the Magazine and good quality Christain works are very difficult to come by. If I were you I would also make these avaialable in some manner to Classic Christian Schools for the primary, junior and high school grades. These are young people who are required to learn this type of material and actually do real live honest to goodness school work dealing with HOW Christains have changed History. I believe you would gain and entire new generation of readers in this manner!! Include the Entire Collection for these schools so all can be used.
    Nalda Bendowsky