Young Adults and One.Life

Young Adults and One.Life February 3, 2011

We got some encouraging news recently. At least four college campuses have informed us that they will be using One.Life: Jesus Calls, We Follow — some in classes and others in small groups — and three different 20/30something Bible studies wrote recently to say they will be going through the book chapter by chapter.

We were encouraged that Relevant both reviewed it and then grabbed an excerpt on vocation for its online viewers, and now a few more 20/30something publications are picking up portions of the book.

The biggest shift in the church is occurring among those young adults who want to see a kingdom vision of how to be a “Christian” or how to be a “follower of Jesus.” What they are aching for is a reconceptualization of life itself along kingdom lines — and we hope One.Life will help us all sort out our priorities.

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  • Scot McKnight

    Just got a note from a college student who said she is using One.Life in her small group. Awesome. I will be in touch for interaction.

  • Great promotional vid.

  • Scot-

    I work with a 20/30 something group at my church, and we are also going through the book chapter by chapter. I really enjoyed reading the book during the Christmas break, and the class loves it as well. Can’t say enough good things about it – a wonderful approach to explaining Christianity to that generation.

  • scotmcknight

    Thanks Matt

  • Joshua Wooden

    Well, if you’re getting emails telling you of the people that are using it, then I wonder how many more are using it that aren’t emailing you. What are the names of the colleges that will be using the book? I’m just curious.

  • I am actually planning to use it for a group of 15-20 somethings for a bible study here pretty soon…

  • I’m bring my small group of young couples/families through it in here in Mid-Michigan. So far we’ve had some great discussion around it and it has already (from the first chapter) started to get some people dreaming again and re-energized about following Jesus.

  • I am going to have to take a look at this book. I don’t attend a Chrisitan college so looking for things to support my faith like this can be really helpful.

  • Calvin Chen

    Hey Scot

    I’m campus staff for an InterVarsity group of undergrads at the UW-Madison and I’m giving One.Life a test run as our standard intro-discipleship book this semester.

    I previously used Simply Christian by N.T. Wright but it was too difficult of a read for our undergrads and didn’t hit on practical discipleship issues as much as I’d have liked. IVP’s Discipleship Essentials was too much of a workbook and John White’s the Fight is dated.

    One.Life seems like it might be what I’ve been looking for in terms of accessibility and readability yet challenging my students in the areas I’d like to see them challenged (commitment, kingdom, scripture, justice, community, sexuality, and so on and so forth).

    I know your colleague on the other side of campus Joel Willitts was looking for something along the same lines for his college students and had been frustrated by his lack of options, too.