My Nomination for the Oscars

My Nomination for the Oscars February 27, 2011
"Fair enough. But we have so far been one sided. What do you believe to ..."

Foundations and Faith (RJS)
"This story practically demands a narrator to describe the demeanor of the woman and Jesus. ..."

More on Reading the Bible (RJS)
"I am reminded of the 2nd wave feminist movement agenda that is to dethrone God ..."

Confronting Christianity (RJS)
"Bev,I appreciate your responses. I do. I would then opt to wait for you to ..."

Foundations and Faith (RJS)

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  • ROFLOL, Scot! Oofdah!

  • Julie

    Great! 😀 Thanks for posting.

  • Jeremy

    Ok, this took me a while to check out. Hysterical!

  • John Mark

    Vell, that vas hilarious!!

  • John Loppnow

    Thank you Scot.
    I’m originally from Wisconsin and this reminds me of my family. Thank you. Very enjoyable.