Michael Moore’s zany conspiracy

Michael Moore’s zany conspiracy May 26, 2011

From Greg Pollowitz:

On Twitter last night, Michael Moore ranted about the circumstances behind the death of Osama bin Laden. In short, we made a deal with Pakistan years ago to put OBL under house arrest in Abbottabad, but because bin Laden did something — who knows what — we decided to go and kill him now. Moore won’t call it a conspiracy, which kind of makes the definition of conspiracy inoperative if this isn’t a conspiracy, and adds that President Obama will want to know the truth. So, it’s not a conspiracy and the president isn’t in on it, but the smartest president ever was somehow tricked by the CIA and Pentagon into acting now. Here’s what Moore wrote last night… (read the tweets at the link above)

America’s got some interesting folks, no?

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  • If nothing else the loony left and the wacky right continue to entertain us.

  • Daniel

    What is more sad, Michael Moore’s descent into madness or all those who seriously follow his musings?

  • Brian

    I’m not sure what’s worse, Michael Moore or this guy calling Obama the smartest president ever.

  • @Scot, what “tweets” exactly are you referring to? I clicked through and see nothing in them that corresponds to the text in your post.

    Moore might be a windbag with the “shove a microphone in the face” shtick, but he is more often cogent on the effects of amoral capitalism and free market fundamentalism run amok.

    I find it odd that Moore is an object of great scorn for many, while others, actually in possession of power, carrying out policies of torture, elective war with death and destruction of innocent civilians are exalted…

  • OK, think I found an article detailing this, but I see not tweets.

    If this is true, Moore hawking this, yes, it’s highly improbable.

    But how do you posters terming him “loony left” know for sure?

    Like, yeah, the government never lies. Especially when it comes to war ^>_>^

  • Salah Said

    Scot, is conservative American nationalism synonymous with orthodox Christianity now? What does this have to do with orthodox Christianity? Or, like most cowardly American “christians”, does your preaching of The Gospel stop when it comes to pointing out America’s failings, particularly when it comes to the mass murder of innocent civilians in the Muslim world?

  • Clay Knick

    The lunatic fringe goes both ways: left and right.

  • T

    I need to find a way to allow my particular lunacies make tons of money . . . hmmmm . . . .

  • Scot McKnight

    Naum, click on the first link at the top … author’s name.

  • Scot McKnight

    Salah, that might be the first time in my life I’ve been connected to “conservative American nationalism.” Sheesh. I have to say I don’t think you’ve read much of my blog for you to say these things.

    And often in the afternoon I do some fun stuff, sports stuff, or political stuff… or just stuff that strikes me as funny or zany. Like this post.

  • It’s amazing what people assume about a blogger’s politics and theology and ethics simply because she or he posts something for discussion.

    I recently received an email from someone charging me with holding a certain point of view (that I do not) from something I posted. The reader never took the time to note that I was simply quoting someone else.

  • Daniel

    Naum, LOL.

    We need to get this post fired up on politics again. Somebody quote or link to Glen Beck.

  • Ryan

    Salah, Scot is right, if you read this blog your comment is quite laughable.

    There are PLENTY of posts on here about the wacky right, and churches getting far to mixed up in national patriotism.

    The sad part of today’s discourse, is that if you even post one thing that goes against someone’s narrative they often have to filter you out completely…this might be the definition of an ideologue.

  • Kenny Johnson

    I used to like Moore quite a bit. I enjoyed Roger and me. I thought Bowling for Columbine, despite its faults raised good questions as to why American culture seems to be so violent.

    Sicko and Capitalism entertained me even if I remained skeptical of their “facts” and conclusions.

    But Moore, it seems has continued moving further and further left and in the process getting wackier and wackier. I consider myself left of center, but Moore seems left of loony. 🙂

  • Susan N.

    Kenny @ #14 – yes, me too. I can’t even enjoy the entertainment factor anymore. “Left of loony” – that’s a good one 😉