A Question with Three Answers: What’s your answer?

A Question with Three Answers: What’s your answer? June 11, 2011

I agree that this Adam/Eve issue is fundamental to the gospel, but let me propose three possibilities, and you tell me what you think:

If science really can prove that the human DNA pool could not have emerged from only two people but in fact emerged from thousands — let’s say we can prove that — if so,

1. Would you say Paul is wrong and we can’t trust the Bible? or
2. Would you say we’ve been reading Paul wrong all along? or
3. Would you say science is wrong and our reading of Paul — a literal, physical first pair, Adam and Eve, etc — is right?

I will tell you where I stand. I would favor #2 because of my commitment to the belief that all truth is God’s truth, and that if science really can establish something, we’d be foolish to say it’s wrong (even if that knowledge can be improved over time in the progress of learning). And that means I’d say science may be telling us that we’ve been wrong, and I’d welcome the gaining of truth.

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