Mt of Beatitudes

Mt of Beatitudes July 6, 2011

The Gospel of Matthew tells us that Jesus gave the Sermon on the “Mount” while Luke tells us he gave it on a plain, and so there’s a site called the Mount of Beatitudes. It’s not really a mountain, but you can see the whole of the northern Sea of Galilee and peer over into Tiberias and then to your far east you can see the Golan Heights, or the Decapolis. In the pictures today I have stuff from the Mt of Beatitudes and looking down into the slopes above Capernaum. If Jesus taught the Sermon from here, Rome was everywhere present to those who were listening.

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  • Terry

    Absolutely beautiful!

  • rjs

    Again, Nice Pictures.

  • Matt c.

    These pictures bring back one of the holiest moments of my life. As a 15 yr old, I went on a Holy Land tour with my parents. I vividly remember the Church of the Beatitudes and a monk singing hymns while we enjoyed this stop on the tour. The place, his singing, the acoustics in that little church and my imagination came together in a powerful way. Unforgettable…