Crazy College Course Titles

Crazy College Course Titles August 31, 2011 has a list of bizarre college course titles, and this has got to my favorite — and I’m going to be at Belmont in two weeks. Hope to meet the teacher.

3. “Oh, Look, a Chicken!” Embracing Distraction as a Way of Knowing

Belmont University

Not only does it have an amazing name, “Oh, Look, a Chicken!” has the best course description I’ve ever read:

“Oh, look, a Chicken”….This course will pursue ways of knowing through embracing [little ants, carrying a morsel of food across the table] what it means to be a distracted [I could sure enjoy a peanut butter sandwich right now] learner as well as [OMG–I get to go to the beach this summer] developing an awareness [I need to trim my fingernails] of one’s senses. The instructor teaches in the school of music, [do I hear water dripping?] so there will be an element related to that woven [spiders are amazing] into the course. [oh, it’s the fish tank behind me] Those registering for this section may even learn to juggle [I’ll be right down, I just have to finish this…what was I working on?].

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  • Russell

    I have many friends who graduated from Belmont, including my wife. I’m not sure whether to make fun of them or take the class.

  • Tom


    I want to take(gosh I need to stop at the Bank) this course…

  • ADOS “Attention Deficit Oh Squirrel!” plain and simple.

  • DRT

    My daughter keeps doing that to me, look! A bird!

    Perhaps you can tell by the way I post multiple

  • DRT

    oh, multiple posts that I may have, just a bit of difficulty, at times when I am at work or at home.

  • DRT

    Sorry, in getting complete thoughts in before hitting submit.

  • Rodney

    My daughter attends Belmont. Don’t know if I want to know whether I’m paying for a course like that.

  • LarryS

    the course description has ADHD written all over it.

  • Jared
  • Duane

    Where are you going to be? Speaking publicly? I want to alert my daugter (Belmont ’08) who lives nearby.

  • I loved Patrick Lencioni’s take on this personality type (his) at Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit a few weeks ago. When someone such as he presents, it’s easy to see how helpful it can be in certain professions & callings. Perhaps I appreciate that, too, because I’ve been known for leaping onto tangents and leaving my family asking, “now, how did you get way the dickens over there???” 🙂