MissioLife: Information for Transformation

MissioLife: Information for Transformation December 7, 2011

Years ago I read a book that focused on reading the Bible both for information and for formation, and I have used continued to use that language since reading Robert Mulholland’s book. Those who most need to hear this message — the information into formation theme — are those given to theory. Of course, they say many need to hear the message from the opposite: too much formation, not enough information.

But this category is as old as it gets. Jesus knew folks who knew the Bible but didn’t live it and the end of his Sermon on the Mount lets this theme fly (Matthew 7:13-27), and his younger brother James had some very strong words about the same theme (James 1:22-25).

Because we all need to keep both ends of this issue in mind — the information and the transformation — I am happy to recommend MissioLife as a church resource that will give ordinary people in ordinary churches a solid theological perspective on what the Bible says and what Christians believe while at the same time not dropping the lesson off at the theoretical. This resources takes each theme from what the Bible says to ways to live this out — individually and corporately. And it does this not just for adults but for all ages.

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