Science, Evolution and the Bible

Science, Evolution and the Bible January 11, 2012

Pete Enns is dead-on with this one: the issue has much more to do with what we think the Bible is than what the Bible says (in its context):

Why is there such tension between evangelicals and evolution?

The real problem isn’t evolution. There is a deeper problem: evangelicals tend to expect from the Bible what it was never intended to deliver.

Too often evangelicals start out the evolution discussion assuming that the Bible is prepared to address human origins as we think of it today—in historical and scientific terms.

When that unexamined assumption is the default, unimpeachable starting point in the discussion, conflict between “faith and science” is guaranteed. This puts people in the lose-lose position of feeling the need to compare and contrast the Bible and science and make a choice between them.

So, maybe we need to think more about how the Bible works and whether we are creating a problem by beginning with false assumptions.


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