Evert Cilliers Dream for President Obama’s 2d Term

Evert Cilliers Dream for President Obama’s 2d Term May 11, 2012

… the only thing, she doesn’t think her dream will happen.

She starts with this:

First thing, a raft of Guantanamo cases are brought in civil courts. The prisoners who aren’t in court, are in a plane on their way to Iraq or Afghanistan. Guantanamo prison turns into a tourist attraction, with luxury hotels, gambling, and highly-educated Marxist prostitutes from Cuba.

Next thing, Bradley Manning is pardoned. He leaves his cell, becomes a hero on the progressive circuit, and breaks up Barney Frank’s marriage.

The Glass-Stegall Act is brought back and reinstated. The big banks all break in two, between commercial and investment banks. Their lamentations fall on deaf ears.

After a few Wall Street big wigs are prosecuted for fraud, finance capitalism finds itself hogtied by a weird wave of ethical behavior.

Following the example of North Dakota, all the states start their own banks. They withdraw all the money they have in Wall Street and pour it into their state banks.

Wall Street shrinks. There is a tax on all financial transactions. Many firms go bankrupt or close up for business. They just don’t have as much money to play with as before. High-end prostitutes flee Wall Street for Qatar.

Then goes here…

That’s it: my dream for Barack Obama’s second term. How’s that for change you can believe in?

Will any of it happen?

Of course not. Instead, we will be halfway into America’s second lost decade; the first lost decade being the Bush years. Our federal legislature — the House and the Senate — will remain do-nothing useless. Any government action that counts will happen on a state and municipal level. Extra-political movements, like Occupy Wall Street, will have a greater impact on the national agenda than the political parties. States like Vermont may thrive, but states like California, not.

In fact, we will never recover. Our elite will always lack the imagination to pay the rest of us enough wages to sustain an actual American economy. We will watch as China and Brazil and Germany replace us as the three new superpowers.

We will sink into the second tier of nations, joining India, South Africa, the UK, and Russia.




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  • Jerry

    Biggest bunch of blowhard baloney I’ve ever seen. Only sentence that made sense was about the do-nothing congress and even that isn’t hopeless.

  • ck

    On the contrary, Jerry: though it’s indeed unlikely that any of that will happen, any one of those things would actually lead us closer to “the American dream” of government by, for and of the people, rather than by, for and of the corporations and Wall Street. But, why won’t it happen? Because as a whole we Americans are much more committed to the American Empire than we are to the gospel of Jesus. Christian nation, indeed (sarc).

  • RobS

    Oh, go ahead and click the link for the full read. It might be worth it to have a laugh reading lines like this one, “Marijuana is legalized, and the economy of California makes a startling recovery.” Go figure, right? Marijuana helps get California back on top economically. In another dream come true, the pot users have new all-time-high academic test scores.

  • Jerry

    Agree, Rob. I like it best when read as satire. On a straight read it’s snarky…”GOP in a mega sulk” is hardly language that encourages me to take this seriously.

  • I hope this is satire as well…if not then it’s doing nothing to further the conversation.

  • JohnM

    The new American dream – legal pot and sex on the moon. Reasons to vote as hard left as you can.

  • The author laments that, “Any government action that counts will happen on a state and municipal level.” But isn’t that the way its supposed to be? Isn’t that what was envisioned by the Founders? This would truly be government by the people and for the people.

  • Peter

    and you thought that finding a job during his first term was difficult!