Dear Politician

Dear Politician September 15, 2012

From Kellye Fabian:

Dear Politician:

I’m writing to let you know that I will not attack you personally if you run for office.  I will not make disparaging remarks about you or your family.  I will not call you names.  I will not put bumper stickers on my car that insult you.  I will not attack your supporters and label them as one thing or another.  And even if you attack an opposing candidate personally because he disagrees with your stance on a particular issue, I will not do the same.  Even if you disparage, stereotype, or categorize me because I vote for your opponent, I will not trade you insult for insult.  Instead, I will choose to bless and pray for you and your family.  I will choose peace, encouragement, and building up instead of war, insult, and tearing down.  I will extend grace, love, and mercy.  I know that you are someone who matters to God and for whom Christ died on the cross.  In this regard, you are just like me.  God seeks after your heart just as he does mine.  These are just some things I needed you to know.

Kellye Fabian

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  • Randal Coon

    Thank you so much for that well worded statement–expressing the views I would like to have made to so many “politicians.” It may not be that things are any worse than they were when I was first eligible to vote in 1972 [first year you could vote at 18], but it seems so much worse…so caustic, acidic, hateful. Almost to the point that if they [Congress and DC] are going to get anything done, they are going to have to go to a Parliamentary system like Great Britain. Of course that would and probably will get me roasted by responses. But if they would just read and hasten to your comments, nothing else would be necessary. Just a little agreement–maybe a lot, but at least it would work again. Thanks.

  • metanoia

    I withheld your name, but I pasted it to my FB page. A very good Christian approach to the political environment of our day.

  • T

    A big old Amen!