A Northern Experience

A Northern Experience October 18, 2012

My experience at Northern Seminary is that our students are discerning God’s will and God’s call — and it is a joy and privilege to teach one student after another who not only is discerning but doing so in the midst of ministry and not in the hope or plan of ministry. Student after student is telling me ministerial stories… of a student who uses his golf career in ministry, of a student who is in seminary the result of a healing physically, of a student who is serving a church in a denomination in which she did not grow up and is struggling to comprehend, of a student who is wondering what leadership means in a postmodern age, of a student who is involved in a music ministry …all seeking to discern what God is leading them into… so I like this from Northern’s site:

Discerning God’s call begins with you seeking guidance through prayer and conversation with those who know you, your heart and gifting. Scripture says that it is not good for us to be alone – it is good to seek wise counsel from friends, family and spiritual leaders. While it is not unusual for one or two people in our lives to question why we are seeking to serve God in ministry, we know that God’s call is always confirmed by the fruit of our lives and the confirmation of others in our Christian community. Please know that we are praying for you. We are asking God for discernment to be accompanied by your open hands, open heart and open mind: a willingness to listen for and submit to God’s calling and plan for your ministry.

A Northern Seminary education provides the opportunity for the renewal of your whole person: our days together are spent in a biblically grounded and spiritually guided atmosphere. Our goal is to follow our Lord, Jesus Christ and to have Him live through us in our person, families, Northern community and ministries. This can only happen when we truly know and support one another, “just as we are,” always encouraging one another to growth, healing and ministry which impacts lives. Leesa Lance, a current student, puts it this way, “The beauty of Northern is that you don’t have to walk in the door as a picture-perfect ministerial leader. If you’re willing to hear God’s voice and act on it, the Northern family will take care of the rest.”

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  • I’m thankful for Northern and how they’ve helped me as a young pastor!

  • Jeffery James

    Ruth Haley Barton is fond of saying to Christian leaders, “If we are not doing the will of God, what are we doing!” We are also encouraged by Northern’s commitment to help students discern God’s calling. Their partnership with us to bring the Discernment Summit for Leaders event (held on Northern’s campus last week) highlights their commitment to teach leaders to discern personally and lead their churches in discerning together.