Is an iPad Enough?

Is an iPad Enough? February 19, 2013

This blogger has been using an iPad alone for his computer.

Have you tried the iPad alone? What do you think?

Well, I made it to Friday – an entire week of using my new iPad as my sole computing device.   I set out at the beginning of the week to see if it was feasible to use an iPad as your main computing device at home and at work.   Don’t forget to check out my day 1 and day 2 articles and check out my conclusion at the end of the week in the paragraphs below….

After my full week of using the iPad as my sole computing device, I have to say I am impressed at what the iPad is able to do when pushed to the limit.  I will be using the iPad as my main computing device going forward.

Notice, I did not say the iPad would continue to be my sole computing device.  I do plan on using the desktop computers available at my work and home to do the heavier computing jobs and multiple document editing work that can frustrate on the iPad.  However, during the week I found out that I can easily do about 90% of my work enjoyably and sometimes even more conveniently on my iPad.

I love being able to carry around my main device like a book all day.  Typically, during the day as I teach and move around the building at work, I don’t have any need for a full keyboard.  Before and after work, when I need to do serious typing, I seamlessly connect my Bluetooth keyboard and type away.

Granted, your experience will vary depending on the type or work you do and your own computing needs.  However, I am convinced that many people could successfully use the iPad as a main device.

At this point, the iPad still isn’t a machine that can be used for 100% of all computing work,  and I wouldn’t recommend selling off your desktop or laptop computer.  I am convinced, though, that it is possible to leave the bigger, battery sucking devices behind, and still be productive on the iPad.

This being the case, I don’t really see a need for most people to buy the 128GB iPad.  If you still need another computer around for doing the heavy lifting, you may as well use that computer to store all of your photos, videos, and other collections of files.  Buying a smaller capacity iPad and carrying around your important day to day files is a much cheaper option that most people will be able to get by with – even if most of their computing us done on the iPad.

Verdict:  The iPad can be an effective main computer, but don’t toss away your other device just yet.   

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