Writing Tips

Writing Tips February 25, 2013

This piece by Raul Pacheco-Vega hits some very important points.

1. Write every day.
2. Give yourself the best tools to write.
3. Write as you would speak (aka, read it aloud as you write).
4. Have others read to give you feedback.
5. Read a lot, read across disciplines. [I would say read good writers.]
6. Write for your audience.
7. Write without interruptions.

8. Take care of yourself.
9. Practice your writing by writing a lot.
10. When stuck, write by hand.

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  • Robert Brenchley

    Reading it aloud is a great help. If you trip over your tongue, look at the wording again. If you run out of breath, insert some puctuation.

  • Number 3 rings especially true. I’ll be out walking and this thought will come to me, so out comes the cell phone to voice-record it. Later on when I’m compiling my audio notes along with my written notes, it is always the audio version that needs the least editing.

  • Gearoid

    I may be the lone dissenting voice here, but it seems that point 3 can often result in run-on sentences. Maybe point 3 will work if there are plenty of commas and semi-colons.

  • Hear what you’re writing in your head. Less time than reading aloud as you write.

  • thanks for passing this along!

  • I started writing a weekly blog this year and these tips are so true and helpful. Many times early on I would get in a rush to post something that I would end up having to go back in and make corrections/revisions. Now I print out a physical copy to read aloud and lovingly/coercively ask my wife to give me her take on it.

  • Thanks for linking to my top 10 tips on how to improve your academic writing. One thing I should note is that my first name is RAUL, with an R and not PAUL, with a P. Thanks again!