Education’s Changes

Education’s Changes March 18, 2013


"It seems egalitarians do not have any shame, so they will proclaim their deception and ..."

Leaving (My) Church, by Kelly Edmiston
"...good luck with that argument."

Leaving (My) Church, by Kelly Edmiston
"Sure, but that's not because God is a man."

Leaving (My) Church, by Kelly Edmiston
"I'm not sure what you're getting at, here. God chose Israel who was already a ..."

Leaving (My) Church, by Kelly Edmiston

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  • JD

    Someone forgot to tell all the states who have instituted standardized testing over the past few decades about this wonderful new education philosophy. As someone who teaches history in the state of Virginia, I can tell you that the imperative to get over 90% of my kids to pass the state test trumps all other educational goals. I would imagine that most teachers of core subjects around the country feel the same way. The only folks who benefit from this regime are politicians and the people who run big testing corporations like Pearson.