Multi-cultural Churches

Multi-cultural Churches May 1, 2013

Alex Murashko:

Is your church multicultural? (Is it less than 80% monocultural?)

While most churches say they already have or are working on having a multicultural congregation, the majority fall short when it comes to reflecting a diverse community of believers coming together during church services on Sundays, said an expert on multi-ethnic church planting and staffing.

“If you were to judge church brochures across America you would say that there is not a multicultural problem in the American church,” Tony Kim, former pastor at Newsong Church in Irvine, Calif., told The Christian Post recently. Kim is the Communication Lead Associate for Slingshot Group. The Orange County-based organization specializes in church staffing and coaching pastors and leaders. “So everyone is open to it, but very few are willing to make a decision to step into that.”

Kim said the Internet has created a deeper transparency between the church and the community. Someone new to a community, looking for a church to attend, can simply go to a church’s website, take a look at the staff page, and make assumptions as to whether the church is representative or accepting of their ethnicity.

“I tell churches that it’s great if you want to hire a worship leader of a different ethnic background, but if you want to bring long-lasting systemic change then you have to have those ethnic minority leaders in the decision-making process, somewhere near the core,” Kim explained. “That’s where the rubber meets the road.”

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