What American Christianity Looks Like: Theologically

What American Christianity Looks Like: Theologically July 24, 2013

This is a reputable source with reliable conclusions, so pastors and Christian leaders need to give this Economic Values Report  report a good solid read and keep it in mind. A sociologist friend gives this study a thumbs up for integrity:

On general theological orientation, we get this, though I’d like to see the specific questions asked to distinguish “moderate” from “liberal” or “conservative”. Regardless, a spectrum is evident:

Contrary to some reports, and I’m thinking of Jenkins on this, Hispanics are not as conservative as one might think. So this is theological orientation broken into ethnicities:

Then we come to what I think is one of the more pervasive shifts among young Christians in the USA (this graph does not specify age), a more liberalizing approach when it comes to economic beliefs:

Because people change over time, I don’t think this next chart carries the heft that some might think, but one needs also to know that theologically the younger generation almost certainly shows signs of being more theologically moderate or liberal than the previous generation. Hence, progressivism (believe in the government to get the job done) is growing:

So here’s in effect the big one: the growing progressivism sector in religious orientation:

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