Is Ghost-Writing unChristian?

Is Ghost-Writing unChristian? August 24, 2013

Dave Moore:

My introduction to ghost-writing came via a gifted friend from my days at Stanford.  She received her B.A. in classics from Stanford with distinction.  She is a gifted writer.  After college she went to work with a Christian ministry.  My wife and I were visiting with her one day when she read a letter from a well-known Christian leader.  I was a bit surprised by how well the letter was written and commenced to voice my astonishment.  My friend said, “Oh no, she did not write it.  I did.”  I was speechless…a rather uncommon occurrence for me!

After this, I started to hear more about ghost-writing.  There were all kinds of rationales given to the practice, but all struck me as ridiculous.  Who cares if everyone is doing it?  That is certainly not a compelling argument.  Who cares if both the ghost-writer and the more famous Christian are fine with it?  No argument of any worth there either.

My first opportunity to ghost-write came about ten years ago.  I turned down the offer even though the money was good.  In the depths of the recent recession when we almost lost our home, I said “yes” to ghost-writing two smaller pieces.  It was a weak moment to be sure, but inexcusable.  I will never do it again.

I have no problem with a famous Christian utilizing the skills of a more gifted writer as long as proper attribution is given.  Which means in many cases putting them on the cover as a co-author.  And how many follow that practice?  Very few, I’m afraid.

I talked with a journalist several years back who was working on a major book about ghost-writing among Christians.  He decided to scrap it because he felt it would be too much of a stumbling block for Christians to find out how many of their favorite writers are really not the guy or gal writing the book!

Analogous situations: research assistants and professors, sermon writers and preachers, bloggers and their sources…

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