Leaning In

Leaning In November 20, 2013


What revolution is Sheryl Sandberg talking about with this story ?  The one that notwithstanding the many gender biases that still operate all over the workplace, excuses and justifications won’t get women anywhere. Instead, women should believe in themselves, give it all, “lean in” and  “don’t leave before you leave”.  What Sheryl Sandberg means with leaning in, is that women should never doubt their ability to pursue their dreams. But this implies they should look for an internal revolution that will make them move away from old stereotypes. One of these is the conception that by combining work with family life, one will inevitable miss out many career oportunities. Rather than just accepting these ideas, women should acknowledge that they have internalized in themselves, specific mind frames, that tend to passivity, even before the occurrence of maternity.  Leaning in could therefore be understood as:  taking responsibility for your own life and dreams. Through this attitude you can promote a worthy cycle of action: as you assume you can combine work and family, you take the necessary steps to do it. Then, as you succeed professionally, you’re in a better position then ever toask for what you need and to make changes that could benefit both you and others. In order to do so,  women have to be sure of what do they want, avoid the victimhood mind frame set (that puts blames on  society, husbands, tradition…) and then, build up in themselves the energy to really move into action.

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