Teachers Falling Behind on Technology?

Teachers Falling Behind on Technology? January 19, 2014

Here’s a list of twenty signs you are falling behind — o teacher — when it comes to technology.

What would you add? What’s the #1 sign you are falling behind?

  1. You think that ‘mobile learning’ is taking a field trip
  2. You don’t make homework assignments or other important information available to students on a web page
  3. You don’t even remember how to get to the web page your school provides you
  4. You think that ‘tweeting’ is what birds do
  5. You think a Personal Learning Network is your television
  6. You think social media is just for teenagers and housewives
  7. You think an iPad is someone’s groovy apartment
  8. You believe an ‘electronic portfolio’ is a briefcase full of CDs and software
  9. You wish you knew how to use your Blackberry better
  10. You think that ‘lecture capture’ is what students do when they take notes
  11. You think that ‘digital learning’ is something computers do
  12. You think Instagram is a new service from Western Union
  13. You think that Vine is something to swing on or pick grapes from
  14. You’re surprised that most students don’t use email
  15. You don’t let your students use Wikipedia as a reference
  16. You glance around nervously and hold on to your desk when you hear the phrase “flipped classroom”
  17. You still have a modem (okay, really just kidding on that one – the only modems left out there are in museums right?)
  18. You think MySpace is cool
  19. You miss your typewriter
  20. You think ‘gamification’ is what George W. Bush does when he plays Monopoly

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