TumbleWeedBlizzards February 5, 2014


Tumbleweeds might not seem like a major threat, but if you live in Clovis, New Mexico you should probably just lay down your hope for humanity onto the traintracks of inevitability and pray for a swift end: HUNDREDS OF TUMBLEWEEDS ARE INVADING.

And by “invading” I don’t mean “a few of them have bobbled around here and there and caused a nuisance.” There’s 3 or 4 feet of tumbleweeds covering the ground in some parts of town. Some residents can’t even leave their house. There are thousands of tumbleweeds in the town of Clovis all of a sudden, brought there by a freak weather pattern. The military has even gotten involved.

Let me repeat that, phonetically, if only to make sure you can grasp the full gravity of this situation: the mill-uh-terry is kill-ing tuhm-bull-weeds. 

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