What does one cancer doctor eat for breakfast?

What does one cancer doctor eat for breakfast? February 13, 2014

Jane MacDougall:

Dr. Gerry Krystal was silhouetted by the sweeping vista commanded by the B.C. Cancer Agency building. Behind him, the city was bristling with joggers, cyclists and, even in the dead of winter, kayakers paddling in False Creek. We are a city renowned for its healthy lifestyle….

We’d already discussed the findings from his studies with mice on high carb, low protein, Western-style diets. The high rates of cancer and the truncated lifespans that accompany a diet that induces spikes in blood glucose levels were clearly illustrated. To recap: cancer craves carbs and metastasis is encouraged by the pH changes that accompany high cellular glucose combustion. Food matters….

I mean, if you had insider information on the complex interactions between our cells, food, our microscopic bugs, and the consequences, what would you eat? If you’d seen with your own eyes the damage caused by poor choices, what choices would you make on a daily basis?

Well, apparently, it’s all about unsweetened protein. The basis of Krystal’s breakfast is plain gelatin powder and whey powder isolate. Yes: yum! He mixes these two ingredients together, using it as a base for a nut and cereal mix composed of oats — both rolled and bran — almonds; ground flax seed; pecans; plus pumpkin and sesame seeds. Over a bowl full of this, he sprinkles All Bran cereal, then instead of milk, adds whey isolate mixed with water. He recommends whey isolate because the fats and lactose — milk sugar — are removed.

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