Do Pastors Need a Sabbatical? Jesus Creed: Yes.

Do Pastors Need a Sabbatical? Jesus Creed: Yes. June 1, 2014

Eric Geiger:

I know that the decision makers for giving pastors a sabbatical vary according to context. The ones responsible with the decision may be executive staff, elder team, deacon body, or personnel team. If you are on one of those teams, I encourage you to give your pastors a sabbatical for two reasons: (1) for the sake of the pastors and (2) for the sake of the church.

1. Budget to have others fill the pulpit.

2. Assign point people for other areas of ministry.

3. Encourage him to go.

4. Realize the people are the ministers….

How often and how long should the sabbatical be? Views vary. Some churches give 5-6 weeks every five years of ministry. Others give 4 weeks every other year. Some churches give a month each summer to those who preach/teach regularly. Whatever you decide, encourage the pastors to take a sabbatical. It is in the best interest of him and the church.

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