Asylum in France

Asylum in France August 3, 2014


Iraqi Christians forced out of their city after a serious death threat from Islamic militant fanatics have been offered asylum by the Government of France.

The Christian community of Mosul, considered one of the oldest in the world, fled the country’s second largest city on 19 July after the Islamic State Group (IS) formerly known as ISIS told them to either become Muslims, pay a protection tax – or die. A logo of ‘N’ for Nazarene was daubed on the doors of the homes of Christians by the terror group.

Most of the community of  35,000 left the city that day including children, the disabled and the elderly. Read earlier news article. Just 20 families now remain in Mosul, says the UN, which has been declared capital of the Islamic State by the militants who have previously crucified people including Christians in Syria, according to The Telegraphand other news sources.

Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius and Bernard Cazeneuve, Interior Minister, issued a joint statement on behalf of the French Socialist Government about the plight of the Mosul Christians.

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