Kingdom Conspiracy in Rochester NY

Kingdom Conspiracy in Rochester NY September 10, 2014

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From Missio Alliance website:

Join us for this regional event in partnership with Northeastern Seminary featuring Dr. Scot McKnight around his newest book, Kingdom Conspiracy: Recovering the Radical Mission of the Local Church.

According to Scot McKnight, “kingdom” is the biblical term most misused by Christians today. It has taken on meanings that are completely at odds with what the Bible says. “Kingdom” has become a buzzword for both social justice and redemption so that it has lost its connection with Israel and with the church as a local church.

McKnight defines the biblical concept of kingdom, offering a thorough corrective and vision for the contemporary church. The most important articulation of kingdom was that of Jesus, who contended that the kingdom was in some sense present and in some sense in the future. The apostles talked less about the kingdom and more about the church. McKnight explains that kingdom mission is local church mission and that the present-day fetish with influencing society, culture, and politics distracts us from the mission of God: to build the local church. He also shows how kingdom theology helps to reshape the contemporary missional conversation.

In This One Day Conference McKnight Offers:

  • a biblical corrective and a fiercely radical vision for the role of the local church in the kingdom of God
  • a much-needed clarification as to what ‘kingdom of God’ means – and doesn’t mean – and how it relates to the church’s mission
  • a scriptural and theological text for those who have heard the word so often but failed to think through its meaning
  • a topic that may ruffle some feathers but that is biblically grounded and instills a great, powerful hope in Jesus

This event is especially important for teams of church and ministry leaders as well as seminary students. See registration section for special pricing.

The First 50 People Who Register Will Receive A Free Copy Of The Book!

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