Good News: NFL

Good News: NFL January 20, 2015

Sarah Larimer:

Here is a thing that Cade Pope, a 12-year-old from Oklahoma, said Tuesday about the power of hand-written letters: “It shows more expression and feelings, rather than typing it on a computer. And it explains a lot more if you actually write it, because you can actually tell what they are trying to say.”….

He wrote letters to every single NFL team, to be more specific.

In a phone interview with The Post, Cade’s mother, Heather, said that it took a little time to get all the notes in the mail. The first batch went out the day after Christmas.

“I am ready to pick an NFL team to cheer on for a lifetime!” Cade wrote,perhaps not realizing what he’s getting himself into here. “I am writing to you and all of the other NFL teams to ask why I should choose your team to become ‘my team.’”…

Well, good news for both Cade and fans of letters — earlier this month, he got a response. Yeah! A really good one!

Carolina Panthers owner Jerry Richardson sent a package back to Cade — which included a signed replica helmet, according to the CBS affiliate KOTV. The gesture might have earned Carolina a new fan.

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