The E-Word in Our Day

The E-Word in Our Day May 6, 2015

By Cary Nieuwhof

Almost every Christian leader I talk to has a passion for reaching people who don’t know Christ.

But as we’ve seen before, our culture is changing so rapidly before our eyes that many of the methods we’ve used to tell people about Christ become less effective with every passing month.

1. Embracing the question is as important as giving an answer….

For post-moderns, embracing the question is as important as giving an answer.

2. Steering the conversation is better than pushing for a conclusion….

Steering a conversation back toward truth is far more effective than slamming on the brakes.

3. Being open is more effective than being certain….

A person who is always certain thinks they’re being convincing. The opposite is true.

[Ironically, many think some are followed today because of their certainty.]

4. Arrogance, smugness and superiority are dead….

Arrogance is only attractive to the arrogant.

5. The timeline is longer….

Sometimes I think I feel it more every day. But we need to give people space and we need to give the Holy Spirit space to do His work.

So give people time and space to come to faith. Apparently, God does this too.

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