Wearing Red?!

Wearing Red?! May 26, 2015

Deborah Netburn:

Heads up, men: Pulling on a bright red shirt in the morning may change the way people perceive you throughout the day.

According to a new study, most of us think men dressed in red look more aggressive, dominant and angry than if they were clad in gray or blue.

The research was published last week in Biology Letters.

Red has long been associated with aggression and competitive success in animals, including humans. The research team, led by anthropologist Diana Wiedemann of Durham University in England, points out that male zebra finches with red leg bands get more access to resources than their unbanded counterparts, and some monkeys have been known to avoid people wearing red.

Previous studies have shown that wearing red increases a person’s chances of winning sports games and is linked to a higher heart rate and higher testosterone levels. Still other studies suggest that competitive athletes wearing red appear more brave, aggressive and dominant to an observer.

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