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Today is the Day October 6, 2015

TheHeavenPromiseThe Heaven Promise: Engaging the Bible’s Truth about Life to Come is now available for purchase and shipping at your local bookstore and on the internet’s bookstores, like Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

In this book I offer a grounding of our hope in two major themes in the Bible: (1) God’s promise to make all of creation right and (2) the resurrection of Jesus as the template of our resurrection into the new heavens and new earth. Sometimes folks barge into discussions about heaven without recognizing those two foundations — but without those two foundations there is no heaven hope.

Our hope for heaven is as good as the faithfulness of God to the promise!

This book is written for lay folks and for churches, for Sunday School classes and for Bible studies. Think about using the book for discussion in your growth groups and Bible studies.

The Heaven Promise explains heaven as the new heavens and the new earth so I like the earthly image on the cover. Hope you do too. I see in that green leaf the story of JRR Tolkien, Leaf by Niggle.

Yes, there is a tendency among many today to dismiss the heaven hope for fear it will lead us away from our world and its problems and lead us instead into an otherworldliness. The heaven hope, however, does something better: the more heavenly minded we become in a biblical sense the more earthly good we should be!

I am encountering plenty of people today who are both a bit embarrassed to ask me about heaven but who long to know about the hope of the resurrection and eternal life. I wrote The Heaven Promise for such folks.

That tendency aside, think today about the many moms and dads who have experienced the tragic deaths of children and who are longing for a world to be made right. I wrote The Heaven Promise for such folks.

Of the many who suffer in sicknesses and diseases and malnutrition and aging, and they too are longing for the heaven hope. I wrote The Heaven Promise for such folks.

Of the senior citizens in your churches whose activistic days are behind them and who are now facing the end and who are looking for the good news the Bible has to offer — grounded in God’s promise to them, too, and grounded in Jesus’ resurrection for them, too. I wrote The Heaven Promise for such folks.


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