When Pastors Need to Remain Silent

When Pastors Need to Remain Silent October 30, 2015

By Allan Bevere:

Ten Situations in Which the Silence of the Pastor is Golden
Because at certain times, a pastor’s word will stifle necessary conversation:
1. When a healthy discussion breaks out in Bible study.
2. During a meeting when members of the committee are having a vigorous and lively debate on what is best for the church.
3. When someone in great pain is expressing it.
4. In certain situations when someone expresses a view with which the pastor vigorously disagrees.
5. When the pastor speaking will cause more harm than being silent.
6. When a tear speaks more clearly than a word.
7. When someone simply feels the need “to vent.”
8. In accepting unfair criticism, when it deflects away from someone else, who has also been treated unfairly.
9. When what the pastor is hearing is also painful from personal experience.
10. In any situation when the presence of the pastor is more significant than his or her profound words.
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