Questions for Chicago’s Police

Questions for Chicago’s Police November 24, 2015

I have these questions for the Chicago Police after seeing the shooting (and now charged) murder of Laquan Mcdonald:

1. Why shoot a man walking perpendicular to the police cars?

2. Why shoot him after Laquan was on the ground and no longer remotely a threat?

3. Why was he shot sixteen times?

4. Why did it take a year for this to become public?


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  • Good questions!

  • fb

    I doubt that any of us will be satisfied with the answers. Lord, have mercy.

  • Brad

    The answers take us back to race questions: would it have been the same if he were white? We can answer easily: most certainly not!

  • Inquirer

    5. Why did it take a year to decide to prosecute?

  • Wayfaring Michael

    Yes, Virginia, it really is about race.

    I spent over twenty years as an academic in history, most of it teaching full time. I specialized mainly in American Indians and their relationship with the European colonizers in the colonial period, but I also did research on contemporary ethnic groups. I also taught several courses that focused on various dimensions of ethnicity in U.S. history. To put it succinctly, it has been about race since day one, and it still is.

    Not to put too fine a point on it, and getting a little closer to the topic under consideration, anyone who attempts to explain our current situation outside of the pernicious effects of institutional racism at every level of our socioeconomic system should be ignored, if not shunned.

    Lord, help us to be the light and salt to the world that you have charged us to be, help us to live by your gospel and your creed in our communities, and as citizens of our states and our nation. Amen

  • scotmcknight


  • SteveSherwood

    We need to continue asking these questions.

  • Andrew Dowling

    The issue with police is similar to that of inner city public school teachers; the pay and overall societal esteem for the position pale to what the work demands, so you have a constant need for bodies. A constant need equals hiring unqualified individuals and poor screening.

  • mjk

    6. Why were officers permitted to erase other video evidence from bystanders?