Great Cover To Blue Parakeet 2

Great Cover To Blue Parakeet 2 May 12, 2018

The Blue Parakeet has escaped the cage! This is the beautiful cover to the 2d edition of Blue Parakeet: Rethinking How You Read the Bible.

Not a slight revision. There are whole new sections, and this much-revised edition is nearly 100 pages longer than the original.  New sections on reading the Bible as narrative, new material on slavery in the Bible, on science and faith, on the gospel … and more!

This 2d edition comes because of comments from readers, from professors who use this as introduction to Bible reading, from pastors asking questions, from my own classroom and from my own development in writing and study.

I cannot express my gratitude adequately to who over the years have offered encouraging words about what this book has done for them, and that alone was reason enough for me to improve the book with new material.

Ah, yes, and the long section on women in ministry has been a highlight.

"Glad you'll be commenting on the book!"

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