An MDiv Degree, Totally Online, at Northern Seminary

An MDiv Degree, Totally Online, at Northern Seminary April 4, 2019
Photo by Green Chameleon on Unsplash

This week, Northern Seminary is excited to announce it is expanding its successful live-streaming programs to include the Master of Divinity and MA in Christian Ministries degrees. 

The programs combine two cutting-edge forms of education: interactive live-streaming classes (“Northern Live“) and mentored learning in context.
With Northern’s smart classroom technology, you can interact with fellow students and engage professors in a live classroom experience, no matter where you live. Featured professors include myself (Scot McKnight), David Fitch, Cherith Fee Nordling, Dennis Edwards, Todd Hunter, and Greg Boyd.

This now means all of Northern’s specializations, including my New Testament program, are available both as an MA or MDiv.
Other specializations include Theology & Mission, Worship, Christian Community Development, Multiethnic Church Leadership, as well as Anglican Studies and Anabaptist Studies.

Both degrees are redesigned to train pastors with the skills needed for effective ministry leadership in the 21st century.

Apply now or contact for more information.

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