Memorial Day: Personal Thanksgivings

Memorial Day: Personal Thanksgivings May 27, 2019

In the USA we reserve the last Monday of the month of May to honor those who have perished in military service. Kris and I are both grateful no immediate members of our family died in military service. Three in our immediate family did serve and we honor them today as well:

So, thanks to three of our family members:

Ron Norman, an exceptional basketball player at the Univ of Iowa in the late 60s, served the USA Army in Korea. Ron lives near Denver CO and sometime in FL and follows his family and all sports. No one is more for his family than Ron, and I can still see him shooting jump shots with deadly accuracy.

Ron Norman (Sr), Kris’ father, served in WW2 in the US Air Force. Ron had an instinctive defense of the freedom of our country and never lost his love of air planes. Ron was a high school teacher, athletic director and coach at Freeport High School.

Alex McKnight, my father, served in WW2 in the Army. He was also a high school teacher at Freeport HS in Freeport IL, a fixture as a Sunday School teacher, and he thought for the last years of his life that the Cubs made a mistake in not giving his grandson a spot on the big league roster.

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