Translating the “Second” Testament: Podcast

Translating the “Second” Testament: Podcast May 31, 2019

Lessons from Translating the Second Testament – KR 129

What do you learn when you translate the New Testament?

Scot has been working on translating the New Testament following the principles established by John Goldingay in his translation of the Old Testament titled The First Testament. Scot’s a big fan of Goldingay’s work and this translation.

In this episode, Scot discusses some of his method of deciding on the words and phrases in the translation process. Don’t miss Scot’s behind the scenes tour of his translating the Second Testament.

Suggest Resources:
Liddell and Scott Greek Lexicon
Brill Dictionary of Ancient Greek
BDAG Lexicon
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  • Shawn Morgan

    Any eta on publication? Should I plan on giving this as Christmas gifts to my families????

  • I am looking forward to reading this NT translation, but I hope you will do the section headings in the same style as the texts.

    I love reading John Goldingay’s First Testament, but I find the clash of styles between the section headings and the text irritating. The latter is Hebrewish, but the former have the tone of a US newspaper editor.

    Scot, I hope you will do the section headings in the same style as the text. Try and make your headings like they would be, if Paul and the gospel writers did heading. Or make the headings in Romans like Phoebe would have put in to make Paul’s letter easier to read.

  • scotmcknight

    2021 I’d say.